How To Winterize Your Furniture

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Winter will be here soon so its time to think about covering and protecting your patio furniture.

Tip #1: Cover Your Furniture

We recommend breathable fabric covers to prevent leaves and acorns from collecting between the cushions. If natural debris remains on or between cushions for some time, the decaying process can leave stains. The stains are generally easy to clean but a cover prevents the effort!

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Hint: Squirrels like to store nuts between cushions! An organic repellent is available at many garden centers to help keep the critters away.

Tip #2: Store Correctly 

Store frames right side up so if any moisture is inside the frames, it can escape through weep holes. Weep holes are tiny openings drilled into the underside of all tubular frames to allow any trapped moisture to escape. This practice prevents freezing in cold weather and reduces the likelihood of expanding extrusions to cracking or breaking in the metal.

Tip #3: Seal Your Furniture 

Stone and wood surfaces can be sealed this time of year to prevent the absorption of water. Water can freeze and cause small fractures which, while not damaging to structure, can become unattractive over time. Teak will continue to become gray over the winter unless sealed or oiled. Neither is required, but some owners prefer to maintain the blonde or natural coloration of teak.

An automobile wax applied to metal furniture will help it weather well during the off season. Never apply in direct sun or on a really cold day. Apply per the instructions on wax container.

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