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What to do when cloudy water strikes

Every pool owner dreams of having an inviting swimming pool with crystal-clear water. The reality, however, may be a pool that is hazy, cloudy, and flat looking. The following are some things service professionals should check when their customer’s pool water gets cloudy this summer. Equipment First, check the filter and circulation system to make… Continue Reading

Leak Detection & Repair

Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, splash out and backwashing, and gain water from rainfall. Pools are meant to be watertight but sealants will deteriorate while other parts of your pool shift, settle or wear out. Pools can leak through old or torn liners, any of the fittings or accessories, plumbing, or… Continue Reading

Vacation Pool Tips

Summer is in full gear and many people are going on vacation. Pools require some maintaining even during vacations. But its not hard to do. Here’s a checklist to help you out: – Test water and balance all chemicals – Shock the pool at a level of 1.5 times the normal dose per 10,000 gallons. –… Continue Reading

Things You Should Know About Salt Pool Maintenance

Keep pH at 7.2 despite the normal range being 7.2-7.8.  This helps the chlorine to be more effective and minimizes scaling. Use a phosphate remover annually to keep levels below 500 ppm.  High levels will make your cell ineffective at producing chlorine, can cloud your pool, and make the water fell less silky. Use Haviland… Continue Reading

How to Maintain Your Pool Through Stormy Weather

With many areas impacted by severe storms it is good to know how to maintain your pool when this happens. Here’s a good checklist to use: – Check water level and adjust accordingly – leave at middle of skimmer or slightly higher. – Balance water chemistry – Calcium, Stabilizer, pH and Alkalinity.  PP&P offers FREE… Continue Reading

Replace Caulking Around Pool Coping

On many pools there is a gap between the pool ledge, or coping, and around the concrete patio or walkway next to the pool. This is known as the expansion joint. This gap averages 1/2 to 3/4 inches and usually sealed with a high grade caulk. In the northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S. it is critical… Continue Reading

Three Keys to a Clean Pool All Summer Long

Most people think chemicals are the most important factor to treating your pool water, but this isn’t true. The three factors for a trouble free season are, in order: water circulation, adequate filtration, and third is chemical treatment. Water Circulation: Circulating the water in your pool isn’t difficult, as long as your pump is in regular… Continue Reading

More Than Just a Pool Cleaner

Did you know that automatic pool cleaners do more than just clean pools? Automatic pool cleaners evenly distribute chemicals, evenly distribute warm water between the top and bottom of the pool, and improves water circulation all this while cleaning your pool of debris and dirt. Here’s a quick video by Aquabot: Continue Reading